Our goal here is to have you children connected to each other even though
you are physically separated by social distancing measures that we all are
required to follow to limit the spread of COVID-19.

You all are doing your part by staying home studying and engaging in various
fun and productive activities.

We want you to know that this forum is available to share your work with your
friends and families. You can pretty much share any work of your own: art work,
poems, prayers, and even essays. Given the COVID-19 situation, our hope is
that you express your feeling and creativity in a positive outlet where you share
your story from home, and, in turn, others will share their stories to create a virtual

This is not school work. This is for you to have some play time and fun!

Please send your material to and we will review them
and post your work on the same day, if posslbe or the next day.


Boston Thamil Association of New England Inc.
P.O.BOX # 970 ,Saugus MA 01906