Kalai Vizha 2024

Nashua High School North – 8 Titan Way, Nashua, NH 03063

We are happy to open enrollment to participate in BTA’s 2024 Annual Kalai Vizha, which will take place on Saturday, 13 July 2024. Please read the KV program guidelines before completing the form(s). All submissions are due 2 June 2024.

Kalai Vizha Guidelines

  • Please complete this form if your child is interested in joining a program at Kalai Vizha. We will connect with our program coordinators and try our best to place them in a program.
  • Please complete this form if you want to showcase your artistic work at Kalai Vizha. We will either feature your art and/or creative writing (essays, poems) in our KV book, display it on KV day or incorporate it for any promotional material (with your permission). Submit one form for each artwork. All can participate – open to kids and adults.
  • Please complete this form if you want a table/stall at Kalai Vizha 2024 to promote your non-profit organization involved in work that improves the livelihood of Sri Lankan Tamils. If you want to request a table for any other purpose, please contact us at board@bostonthamil.com.